The Course

The Course

The last few years has seen the introduction of new bunkers to complement the well maintained greens and fairways. In summer, firm links fairways add a new dimension to the game, with delicate approach shots required to stay on the greens.












Sandy Banks Par 4

This is the longest hole on the course, and has two fairway bunkers within reach from the tee, and a further two as one comes in sight of the green. It is a testing par 4 for many players, but if the prevailing westerly wind is blowing the task can be easier. The out of bounds road and windows of the new houses constitute a hazard for wayward big hitters.



Ballafaddich Par 4

The name of the hole comes from an area of pits beyond and to the left of the green. Players’ scorecards in recent years show that this is the easiest par 4 on the course. A straight drive gains extra distance downhill before a short iron is played to a firm green protected by three bunkers.



Don's View Par 3


This hole is named after the late Don Barnard who spent many hours on the course assisting the greenkeeper Donald Patience. It is a challenging par 3 with an out-ofbounds fence along the left and two deep bunkers, one on each side of the best line of approach.



Seafield Par 4

Many consider this to be one of the hardest holes at Tarbat. It is often played into the wind, and there is out-of-bounds on the left all the way to the green. From the tee there is no obvious area of fairway to aim for, and the second shot is blind over a rise. The green has excellent grass, but again has two sand traps to catch the unwary. Having completed the hole players have to ring the bell to show that the green is clear.



Bunkers Par 3

The main difficulty with this short par 3is that often only the top of the long flag can be seen. It is only a short iron to reach the putting surface, but again three sand hazards must be avoided.



Jackie's Brawest Par 4


This hole is named after the late Jackie Mackay who was green-keeper at Tarbat in the 1970s. He planned the new green setting, which had previously been across the road close to the churchyard wall. Tarbat Old Church is the direct line. It is an interesting hole - particularly the challenge which a player faces with his second shot over a steep bluff, knowing that a road lies beyond the green, and as usual two bunkers are waiting for any shot off line.



School Par 4

This hole has ruined many cards. It plays longer than its yardage due to two broad hollows before the green is reached on a small plateau. In dry conditions the green-keeper has a variety of pin positions which players frequently find quite fiendishly difficult.



Ballone Par 4

This is an attractive opening hole with the way to the flag well defined by two bunkers, one on each side of the small hill leading over a ridge to the green at a lower level. In the past the hole was much more daunting when the opening drive had to clear thick gorse bushes. Ballone Castle is seen to good advantage, lying to the left of the best line of play.



Knockshorty Par 4

The elevated tee invites a long drive. There are two fairway bunkers and three more guard the green. Knockshorty is the name of the hill beyond the course where attractive new houses are being built. The view is often enlivened by a large flag being flown by David Wilson in his garden just beyond the green. He has an extensive collection of different national flags hoisted on appropriate days, and has been known to fly a Jolly Roger pirate flag at times !




Plateau Par 3

This is a truly distinctive hole – played from an elevated tee to a high plateau surrounded on three sides with steep slopes of thick rough.


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